Originally from near Boston, I’m now living in the countryside of Japan. I love all the arts; I spent my younger years as a musician which is where my first spark of interest in photography came from. Befriending photographers and observing how it all worked, I was fascinated but tied up in music. After coming to Japan nearly 10 years ago, I was able to explore this interest a bit more and have been doing it professionally since early 2015. 

Starting with Fuji, I went full frame with Nikon, then switched over to Canon but also use a few Panasonic cameras from time to time. I currently use two Canon 5D Mark IV’s and a C200 for my everyday work and shoot mainly with Canon and Laowa lenses. 

I’ve been lucky to cooperate with companies like Laowa, Tamron, Lensbaby, ThinkTank, SKB, BlackRapid, Aputure, Falcon Eyes, Rode, Sennheiser, Saramonic, Zhiyun, Feiyu Tech, Feelworld, Godox, GenEnergy, Digital Juice and more. 

I do not get paid to say things I don’t believe; my goal is to bring you the most useful and thorough information, focusing on things that I would have liked to know myself before getting my hands on a product. I like to highlight a product’s strong points while fairly presenting its weaknesses in a way that can help you choose what’s best but also help companies to address things they may have overlooked. I think the photography and videography market is closing the gap between user and developer, and I hope to find a spot for myself where I can help that relationship be even more beneficial for both. 

More than anything, I’m an open book. I’m more than happy to answer any question at all to the best of my ability and will do all I can to share whatever helpful information I may have.